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Friday Day-Long Experience Groups


E-1  General Psychodynamic Experience Group for Beginning Level Clinicians (Approx. 0-3 Years) (Oona Metz, LICSW, CGP, FAGPA)

E-2  General Psychodynamic Experience Group for Intermediate Level Clinicians (Approx. 4-7 Years) (Laura Crain, MD)

***CLOSED*** E-3  General Psychodynamic Experience Group for Advanced Level Clinicians (Approx. 8+ Years) (Chera Finnis, PsyD, CGP, FAGPA)

E-4  General Psychodynamic Experience Group for All Levels of Experience (Elizabeth (Libby) Shapiro, PhD)


E-5  Every Voice is a Voice for the Group: Deepening Emotional Resonance through Systems Centered Therapy (SCT)
for Groups  
(Norma Safransky, MD, CGP, and Susan E. Beren, PhD)

E-6  Power, Privilege and Social Location: The Importance and Challenge of Difference in Group Psychotherapy
               (Paul Gitterman, LICSW, MSc, CGP)

E-7  Are We Similar or are We Different?  (Arnie Cohen, PhD, CGP, FAGPA)

      Saturday Workshops

W-1  100 Unconventional Interventions in Group Psychotherapy (Robert S. Pepper, PhD, FAGPA)

W-2  Group Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder (George W. Smith, LICSW)

W-3  When We Love and When We Hate: Understanding and Using Difficult Countertransference to Inform Clinical Work
      (Hilary Callan Curtis, MA LMHC; Angelo A Cilibertu, MA LPC, CGP

W-4  'Maybe I'd Like to Start a Group?'  Exploring the Anxieties, Exhilarations and Ambivalences (Caleb Englander, LICSW)

**CANCELLED**W-5  Group Therapist: Anger Specialist (Greg MacColl, MSW, LICSW, FAGPA)

W-6  Retirement: Why? When? How? Who are you? Case Studies & Considerations
        (Steve Cadwell, PhD, LICSW, CGP; Joanne Lipner, LICSW

W-7  Everything You Need to Know About Group Therapy in 10 Easy Videos (Joseph Shay, PhD, CGP, LFAGPA)


      Saturday Therapist's Circles

TC-1  Confronting Ourselves while Caring for Others (Bonnie Irwin, MA, MALS; Alan Witkower, EdD, CGP)
For people working in hospice, chronic disease and aging

TC-2  Harnessing the Wisdom of Professional Peers: ACT Portland Consultation Model
                                (Ari Shesto, PhD, Michel Selva, PsyD, Renee Hoekstra, PsyD) For people working in all cognitive-behavioral modalities

TC-3  Make Your Classroom Hum: Use Group Skills to Go Beyond Classroom Management 
(Adam Silk, MD CGP; Nina Leuzzi, MEd
For elementary and high school teachers, school-based social workers and school adjustment couselors

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