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December 8, 2019    REGISTER HERE      

Losing our Balance as Group Therapists: How Batman and Pogo can Help Us Regain It
Presented by Joe Shay, PD, CGP, FAGPA                                                                                 

Have you ever had a group member get very angry with you? Have you ever felt very angry with a group member? What does the therapist do in such  situations? When is it better to be real and self-disclose your reaction, even if it’s harsh? Or to be silent while you collect yourself? Or use theory to explain what you think is happening? Or invite the group to be curious or to share their reactions? Or even to stop running groups?

And what if the group member is already carrying a strike against them such as having committed a sex offense, or been a serial philanderer, or voted for a candidate for office whom you abhor? How does this factor into your clinical decision at that moment?  American Pancakes, Klara Jensen (2012)

Dr. Joseph Shay will try to address these issues by using videos, self-disclosure, and also a little theory, so no one wants to quit their job.

January 12, 2020  REGISTER HERE

Expanding the Window of Tolerance in Adolescent Groups 

Presented by Jacyln Wolfman, PhD

Adolescent therapy groups present particular challenges for the group therapist. Group members may exhibit heightened impulsivity and emotional reactivity and/or marked inhibition, perfectionism, and isolation. This workshop will focus on strategies for facilitating emotion regulation and distress tolerance capabilities within a group therapy model. We will explore these skills and ideas through a combination of lecture, discussion, and experiential practice.

March 22, 2020

"Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"  
Presented by Joel Krieg, LICSW, CGP

Starting…a new job, a practice, a group, a family. New beginnings involve uncertainty, anxiety and excitement. This talk will focus on the many thoughts and feelings that come up with starting something new.

April 26, 2020

Cohesion, or How We Stick Together
Presented by Sara Emerson, LICSW, CGP, FAGPA

We all read Yalom and learned that cohesion is one of the curative factors of group therapy. Cohesion is to group what the “relationship” is to individual treatment. So, what does this mean? The formation of initial relationships, acceptance, and a preliminary sense of relatedness is essential in the early stages of a group, and with each transition in a group (addition of new members). The leader plays a crucial and active role in setting the stage for the development of cohesion. We will discuss the elements of cohesion in groups, the leader’s role, and the challenges to leadership and joining.

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