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"Anti-Racist Clinical Care at the Intersections of Two Pandemics"

We are living in times that have contributed to a sense of disconnectedness for many individuals; and the issues needing to be dealt with are challenging, and complex ( eg. Covid-19 racial health disparities, overt racist and white supremacist activity at local & national levels; national economic recession). Many BIPOC individuals (clients/patients and staff) have experienced not only violence and discrimination, but also live with symptoms of trauma, and have an increased likelihood of developing health related problems because of this exposure. The physical violence or threat of violence leads to trauma, which leads to poor health outcomes. We will also focus an analysis of racism from a structural, (social) psychological and applied perspectives.  Utilizing critical race theory and intersectionality, participants will come to understand the reasoning for this initial emphasis. This approach frames the analysis of intersectional oppressions which will be examined in relationship to socio political and economic factors, and historical themes evident in today’ society.

Professor Gary Bailey, DHL, MSW, ACSW is the Assistant Dean for Community Engagement and Social Justice in the College of Social Sciences, Policy and Practice (CSSPP) at Simmons University. He holds the rank of a Professor of Practice at Simmons University School of Social Work, and has a secondary appointment at the Simmons University School of Nursing and Health Sciences.  Professor Bailey has a Faculty Affiliate appointment at Harvard Medical School's Center for Primary Care, is a Scholarly Stakeholder, LGBTQ Patient and Family Advisory Council, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and is a consultant to Fenway Health’s Department of Behavioral Health.



"The Trauma of Marginalized Experience: Dismantling Oppression in Therapy Groups"

Co-Leaders Dr. Kavita Avula and Dr. Marcus Hummings will examine the trauma of marginalized experience. Members will be invited to explore their target and agent identities and their intersections. The group will work to make unconscious oppressive enactments conscious in a way that facilitates healing and repair for marginalized group members. Participants will strive to embrace impact over intent, counter white fragility, and strive to go beyond inclusion and empowerment. 



WS-1  Mindful Facilitation of Cross-Cultural Therapeutic Encounter  (Limit 40) 

Donna J. Harris, MA LCSW CGP

WS-2 What You Need to Know About Running A Divorce Group (Limit 12)  

Janet Winocour, MSW LICSW 

WS-3 Come One, Come All, Whenever (Limit 12)

Ann Koplow, LICSW CGP; Brenda Lewis, OTA MA BA AAS COTA; Bettrice Garrison

WS-4 Facing Racism, Outside and In (Limit 12)

Madeleine Lourie, MSW LICSW

WS-5 A Diversity of Possible Responses to 'Simple-Minded Intolerant Remarks' (Limit 20)

Johannes Herwig-Lempp, Prof. Dr. phil., Dipl.-Soz.päd

WS-6   The Salience of Race in Clinical Story (FULL)

Sarah McSweeney, PsyD & Margaret Kiwanuka-Woernle, MSW 

WS-7  Music, Movement and Moments of Meeting:  A workshop for Every Body (Limit 12)

Suzanne L. Cohen, EdD CGP FAGPA  

WS-8 Culture Box: Exploring Culture in Group Context (Limit 12)

Alexandra (Sasha) Watkins, LMHC; Mary Alicia Barnes, OT OTD OTR/L and Anais Lugo-Guercio, OT/s


EG-1  Early Career Group Therapists (Limit 10)

Leah Slivko, LICSW PsychA 

EG-2  Mid Career Group Therapists (Limit 10)

Sophia Aguirre, PhD CGP FAGPA

EG-3  Later Career Group Therapists (20+ years experience) (Limit 8)

Bruce Bernstein, PhD FAGPA ABPP and Lita Moses, CSW FAGPA 

EG-4  All Levels of Experience​ (Limit 12)

Sara Emerson, LICSW CGP

SIG-1  Being A Man in 2021 (Limit 10)

Scott Reinhart, PhD CGP FAGPA

SIG-2   Responding to Hate: At The Crossroads Of Identity and Therapy (Limit 12)

William Sharp, PsyaD CGP and Hilary Callan Curtis, PsyD LMHC CGP

SIG-3  Room For All: An Experience Group For The LGBTQIA+ Community (Limit 12)

Oona Metz, LICSW CGP FAGPA and Shunda McGahee, MD CGP

SIG-4  Practice in our Senior Years: Promises, Perils and Pearls (Limit 12)

Libby Shapiro, PhD CGP and Chera Finnis, PsyD CGP FAGPA

SIG-5   Working with Diversity and Differences in Groups (Limit 8)

Kurt L. White, LICSW LADC CGP FAGPA and Ann Keren Neeman Kantor, PsyD LICSW CGP 

SIG-6 Engaging Race and Other Marginalized Identities (Limit 12)

Donna Harris, MA LCSW CGP




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