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June 10, 2022   7:00PM

Sexuality in the Clinical Encounter

Dr. Danielle Egan, PsyaD, Phd, NCPsya

Danielle Egan’s research examines the social construction of sexual “problems.” She is fascinated by the ways in which cultural institutions (medical, religious, political, psychological, scholarly disciplines) create and defend norms of social and sexual acceptability. She is also particularly interested in the creative ways people negotiate, resist and are, at times, complicit with sexual hegemony. This interest has been at the heart of her research on the sex industry, which was the topic of her first book, Dancing for Dollars and Paying for Love: The Relationships Between Exotic Dancers and their Regular Customers (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006), and more recently, in her writing on the history of ideas on the child and sexuality featured in her co-authored book Theorizing the Sexual Child in Modernity (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010)

Professor Egan’s research has also been discussed on BBC Radio 4 and NPR's Good Parenting Radio. Her research with Gail Hawkes was sought out by the Home Office in England and by the Scottish Government. She contributed to the Wellcomme Archive and Trust Report on Sexualization.



WS-1  That Slippery Slope: Eros and The Psychotherapist;
Fri. 6/10 9am-12pm; Limit 12

Dominic Grundy, PhD CGP FAGPA, Licensed Psychologist in NY and has presented workshops at AGPA conference every year for the past 20+ years. He was the editor of the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy 2014-2018.

WS-2  Identity-Based Approach to Understanding Expression of Gender, Sexuality and Power in Groups; Fri. 6/10 1-4pm; Limit 12

Alexandra (Sasha) Watkins, LMHC, Co-Chair of the NSGP Diversity & Inclusion Committee, SHe is an Associate Director of MBA Student & Academic Services at Harvard Business School. She teaches Group Dynamics at Lesley University and has a private practice in Cambridge MA. She has worked in college counseling and human services and has extensive experience working with diverse client populations, including veterans, individuals with severe psychiatric disabilities, neurodiverse adults, students and cultural minorities. Her clinical interest in identity-based approaches to therapy.

WS-3 Balint Groups: A Facilitated Group Experience to Enhance Clinical Empathy and Explore Patient-Provider Relationships in Medical Settings and Beyond; Sat. 6/11 9am-12pm; Limit 20

Kathleen Hubbs Ulman, Ph.D., CGP, DFAGPA is Assistant Professor Psychiatry, (Psychology) (Part-time) Harvard Medical School, Clinical Assistant in Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, MGH, Past-President American Group Psychotherapy Association and NSGP. Credentialed Balint Leader.

Karen Carlson, M.D. is a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. In her role as director of a primary care practice, she discovered the power of Balint groups for professional development. She is a credentialed Balint group leader and leads groups for trainees and faculty at several Boston medical centers.

Alan Witkower, Ed.D., CGP is a psychologist and Director of Behavioral Medicine at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Newton, MA. He is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, at Tufts University School of Medicine. Dr. Witkower has been co-leading, with Dr. Carlson, a Balint group with physicians and advanced practice providers for the past 2 ½ years. He has co-led with Dr. Hata, a time-limited Balint group for physicians at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston. He has been a co-leader for a similar workshop on Balint groups and leadership at the 2021 AGPA annual conference.

Susan Hata, M.D. has enjoyed providing primary care to children and adults at the Massachusetts General Hospital Back Bay Health Center and has served as the Associate Program Director for the Harvard-MGH Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency since 2008. She is passionate about supporting residents in the training experience and creating space for physicians to reflect on and share experiences with one another. She leads physician support interventions, including Balint Groups, for residents and faculty in the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, and conducts research in resilience and burnout.

**CLOSED** WS-4 Psychoanalysis Meets Hard Core Community: A Consultation Model that has Survived; Fri. 6/10 9am-12pm; Limit 20

Gabriela Perez-Gil del Valle, M.A. has extensive experience integrating psychotherapy and social community work with the indigenous population in Mexico. She has extensive teaching experience at conferences, universities and in the Mexican school system. Ms. Perez-Gil has worked in Boston as an in-home therapist with Latino children and families in crisis. As a community builder, activist, and psychoanalyst, Ms. Perez-Gil has developed, implemented, and grown community partnerships, co-founding the Community Care Network (CCN). She delivers psychoanalytically-informed clinical services and supports people who have experienced incarceration to stay engaged in society. She is an advanced doctoral candidate at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis and is devoted to expanding her group therapy expertise in pursuing the Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP).

Polly Hanson-Grodsky has a special interest in fighting for economic and racial justice, advocating for systems change and maximizing human potential one person at a time. As a Clinical and Macro social worker, Ms. Hanson-Grodsky delivers support to individuals, families, groups, and institutions with her expertise in psychodynamic clinical work, community relationship building and organizational structure and culture. Ms. Hanson-Grodsky has worked as an Adjunct Faculty member at Boston College School for Social Work and Smith College School for Social Work and has served as field faculty for Simmons University School for Social Work and Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. Ms. Hanson-Grodsky is committed to developing meaningful partnerships and fostering sustainable social change as a co-founder of the Community Care Network (CNN).

Mary Bartlett is a student at BGSP and an intern at South End Community Health. She comes to this work from a background in literature, and a life-long interest in group process.

WS-5 Container-Contained: Exploring Bion's Theory in a Group Setting; Fri. 6/10 9am-12pm; Limit 20

Carolyn Ehrlich LCSW-R, CGP is a NYC based psychotherapist in private practice for over 19 years. She integrated group work into her practice 10 years ago after graduating from the EGPS Training Program in Group Psychotherapy. Inspired by the Training Program, she joined the Board of EGPS. Carolyn currently serves as Co-Dean of Curriculum and Faculty of the EGPS Training Program in Group Psychotherapy. She has conducted numerous workshops on behalf of EGPS to promote professional interest and training in group psychotherapy.

WS-6  Sex: What Else Can It Be?; Fri. 6/10 1-4pm; Limit 20

William Sharp, Psya.D., CGP became interested in why some students learned and some did not. This interest in the individual’s mind brought him to the study of psychoanalysis and psychology. He currently has a private practice in Brookline Village specializing in group, family, and couples’ therapy. He works and writes about theories of depth, insight, and relationship. You can learn more about his presentations by following him on Twitter @DrWilliamSharp

Richard Montes, M.A., LMHC provides school-based individual clinical counseling with children and their families at South Bay Community Services in Chelsea. His practice of holistic counseling is informed by his interest in psychospiritual maturation and Analytical Psychology.

WS-7  A Deeper Knowing: Understanding our Sexuality Through Relationship and Presence; Fri. 6/10 1-4pm; Limit 8

Erica Rodas, OTR/L, CLT is a Holistic Pelvic Care™ practitioner, occupational therapist and writer who helps women develop a deeper intimacy with their bodies after a diagnosis or life transition, in processing emotions from a medical encounter or emotional rupture, or those simply wanting to know themselves in a different way. She uses modalities such as self-breast and pelvic massage, breathwork, visualization, and self-reflection to guide clients back to the inherent rhythms of their bodies – towards true connection and agency. To learn more about Erica, you can follow her on IG @ericarodas_.   

WS-8 Sexuality & Gender Identity: Considerations for Group Leaders and Mental Health Providers; Sat. 6/11 1-4pm; Limit 12 

Sienna Carpenter, OT/s (she/her) is a doctoral student of occupational therapy at Tufts University. She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Psychology with a Neuroscience focus at the UMASS Amherst in 2018. Sienna has experience working as a clinical research assistant on various clinical trials related to Alzheimer’s disease. Her primary areas of interest relate to community-based practice, policy, and mental health. She has served as co-president of the Tufts University chapter of the Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA).

Madison Dubé-Adams, OT/s (she/her) is a doctoral student of occupational therapy at Tufts University. She received her Bachelor's of Arts in psychology from the UMASS Dartmouth. Her area of interest is in community-based practice and she has experience working with at-risk youth in a community-based mental health setting. She has served as co-chair of the Tufts University chapter of the Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (COTAD). Madison identifies as a neurodivergent queer femme.

Maureen Kennedy, OT/s (she/her) is a doctoral student of occupational therapy at Tufts University. She earned her Bachelor's of Science in psychology at Bowling Green State University. Her areas of interest are in mental health, neurology, and physical medicine. She is currently working in the Health & Productive Aging Lab under Dr. Elizabeth Marfeo, which performs research addressing complex challenges related to aging, disability, and health among the adult population.

Emily Machado, OT/s (she/her) is a doctoral student of occupational therapy at Tufts University. She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Health and Wellness at the University of New England. Her practice interest is pediatric mental health and she is currently working on an adolescent inpatient unit of a psychiatric hospital in Rhode Island. Emily also has three years of experience in home care working with children with severe behavioral needs.

Contributing author: Mary Alicia Barnes, OTD, OTR/L (she series), is an occupational therapist and lecturer at Tufts Department of Occupational therapy where she teaches coursework on group theory and practice and mentors doctoral students. She is an outgoing member of NSGP Board and Conference Committee. She also serves in the role of NSGP’s DEI Committee co-chair.


Saturday June 11, 8:15AM-4:45PM

  Early Career Group Therapists (Limit 10)

Scott Reinhardt, PhD, Private Practice, Newton MA; Instructor in Psychiatry, Massachusett General Hospital, Boston MA

**CLOSED** EG-2  Mid Career Group Therapists (Limit 10)

Sejal Patel, PsyD, Private Practice, Cambridge MA; Group Specialist, MIT Student Mental Health and Counseling; DEI Consultant, Visions Inc.; Clinical Instructor, BU PhD Counseling and Applied Human Development Program

EG-3  Mixed/All Levels of Experience​ (Limit 12

Fabiola Desmont, LMSW, CGP in Progress; LEAP Training and Consulting Service LLC; NYU Silver SSW; Adjunct Faculty, EGPS, Training Program Faculty; Racial Dynamic Consultant for EGPS Training Program; PAGPS, Past presenter/trainer; NABSW Member

EG-4  Later Career (Senior) Group Therapists (20+ years experience) (Limit 8)

Bruce Bernstein, PhD ABPP FAGPA, Past President, EGPS, Founder and Director, EGPS Training Program; Supervisor NYU Postdoctoral Program; Experiential Group Leader/Faculty at 25+ AGPA Conferences

Lita Moses, LICSW CSW, FAGPA, Past Experiential Group Leader/Faculty EGPS Training Faculty and Experience Group Leader, EGPS Training program; Past AGPA Board Member

**CLOSED** SIG-1  Navigating Stereotypes of Race, Gender and Sexuality in Group Process

Donna Harris, MA MSW LCSW CGP, Director, Intercultural Counseling, LLC and Faculty, SSW, Bryn College, PA

SIG-2   The Sexual Infant Within

Hilary Callan Curtis, Phd LMHC CGP, Private Practice, Northampton MA

SIG-3  Breaking the Binary of Emotional Narratives on Gender Fluidity and Sexual Expression

Vinny Malik Dehili, PhD CGP, Change the Narrative Counseling LLC, Owner, Vice President, FGPS; AGPA Co-Chair Racial and Ethnic DIversity SIG and DEI Task Force Member; Co-Chair ACCA Diversity and Inclusion Committee; APA Group Psychology Program Chair

**CLOSED** SIG-4  When Worlds Collide! Navigating Dual Relationships in Process Groups

Gianna Viola, LCSW-S CGP, Private Practice, Austin TX

Christine Winston, LCSW-S, Private Practice, Austin TX; Faculty, University of Texas at Austin; Steve Hicks SSW



Please Join us for our annual Saturday Night Party on June 11, 2022 at 6:30PM
Hosted by our own President Jennifer DeSouza in her home in Melrose MA

This will be IN PERSON--- for many it will be the first time we see each other in more than 2 years!!

This event is a separate registration and fee (BYOB).

Sunday June 11, 9:00AM - 10:30AM

This year’s Memoriam event will have a slightly different focus from prior years, and hopefully a broader inclusiveness, as we gather on Zoom on Sunday morning of the Conference weekend. We want to commemorate the losses we’ve experienced over these last several years; losses of friends and colleagues, communities and connections.  This will be a place to grieve together as we share the changes in our personal and professional lives due to the pandemic. 

We will gather for 90 minutes in a group led by Julie Anderson, Arnie Cohen and Caleb Englander, and everyone will be invited to give voice to their experience of pandemic change.

The Event has a separate registration and is free of charge


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