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Joe Shay talks about his Workshop: Couples Gone Wild- Top 10 Complications in Treating Couples

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 4:47 PM | Pamela Enders

Cambridge Psychologist, Dr. Joe Shay, has been a popular teacher/workshop leader/supervisor for many years.  His workshops at NSGP and AGPA draw big crowds because they are entertaining and highly informative.  Even the title is worth the price of admission!

Joe responded to several questions about his workshop and group therapy.  Here you go...

1)What are you most excited about in giving your workshop or running your Experience Group?
I always have a great time in presenting my workshop on couples therapy because the participants are so responsive and energetic. Many people who treat couples do so without much, if any, training, so this offers a chance to help clinicians feel less lost when working with couples. Given that I show a number of videos, the workshop is a lot of fun as well.

2) What keeps you engaged and coming back to your area of interest? 
Treating couples, like treating groups, is endlessly interesting to me because of the multiple challenges that exist when there is more than one person in the room. Forgot doing brain teasers to keep the mind sharp. Try group therapy or couples therapy!

3) What keeps you engaged and coming back to group therapy?
There used to be a Disney clip many years ago (or a clip from somewhere anyway) in which numerous pingpong balls were delicately perched on numerous mousetraps in a closed room. Everything was still. Until the very first mousetrap was triggered and the first pingpong ball flew. Which triggered a second mousetrap, which triggered a third, and so on. So, this is why I love group therapy. Can anything be more electric or challenging!

4) What is one thing people attending your workshop or group might be surprised to learn (either about themselves or about the topic)?
Many people treating couples think they are alone in not knowing what is actually going on. In this workshop, they will be able to lay that quiet belief to rest.

Sounds good, right?  Well, Joe is even better in person so go on, register for the conference and sign up for his workshop.  You know you want to...

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