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Previous Breakfast Club Topics

Squaring the Circle: How to Engage in Straight Talk about Racial-Cultural Events & Microaggressions in Groups Presented by Aziza A. B. Platt, PhD

Metaphor and Meaning in Group Therapy: Expanding our Toolbox Presented by Oona Metz, LICSW, CGP, FAGPA

Boundary Violations or Mutual Enrichment Presented by Charles Glazier, LICSW, CGP

Group Therapist Working in a Political Minefield in Challenging Times Presented by J. Scott Rutan, PhD, DFAGPA

Losing our Balance as Group Therapists Presented by Joe Shay, PD, CGP, FAGPA

Group Leader's Countertransference Upon the Issue of Money Presented by Larry Kron, JD, PhD

Diversity in Clinical Practice Presented by Guy Croteau, LICSW, CGP

Group as Experience, Group as Intervention  Presented by Jeff Brand, Psy.D

Loving Defenses to Death, Bringing Attachment to Life Presented by Jennifer Leigh, PhD

Abuse of Power in Groups: Leadership, Followership, Protective Factors Presented by Sasha Watkins, M.A. LMHC CPRP

Finding Each other in a Crowded Room: Using IFS in Group Psychotherapy  Presented by Annie Weiss, LICSW CGP 

         Working with Difficult Patients  Presented by Scott Rutan, PhD, CGP

Clinical Implications of Money and Private Practice Presented by Mara Wagner, Psy.D

Leading Men:  Resonance, Resilience and Re-Inventing our  Roles Presented by John Carr, LCSW, Joel Krieg, LICSW, CGP, & Scott Reinhardt, Ph.D.

Leader's Illumination of Group Phenomena: Hidden in Plain Sight or Why Nobody is Talking of an Elephant in the Room  Presented by Jerry Gans, MD

Why, What and How We Learn in the Large Group Experience  Presented by Charlie Glazer, LICSW

Psychodrama: Bringing Group Work to Life Presented by Maria Mellano, LICSW

Group Therapy Goes to School, or, What Teachers Need to Learn about Group Process Presented by Adam Silk, MD

Mentalization in Group Therapy: Understanding Other People and Ourselves Presented by Stephen Krugman, PhD

Leading Groups: Does Culture Matter? Presented by Sasha Watkins, LMHC CPRP

New Member Breakfast Club: Group Case Consultation & Discussion Presented by Sarah Emerson, MSW, LICSW, CGP, FAGPA

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