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The NSGP Blog "Group Agreement"

Sunday, April 03, 2016 1:17 PM | Melissa Kelly

During a recent meeting of the Publicity and Marketing Committee and I asked our group if they could help me figure out why I was feeling so resistant to getting this blog started.  And they were game to help me (because they are awesome).  So, I started talking about how I felt like I wasn’t sure what was OK to say in a blog post, and what was not.  I wasn’t sure who was in charge of this blog or who I should be speaking for.  I didn’t know if what I had to say would be accepted or rejected.  And as I was naming these issues, wonderful-and-astute Ann Koplow said to me “This is just like group.  We’re scared to speak up because we don’t know what the frame is.”  

And OMG, she’s totally right.  This is exactly like that.

We want this to be a space for people to express themselves, explore, and have fun, but none of that can happen without safety first. We decided that before we can begin in earnest, we need to set a frame.  

So here it is, The Group Agreement for The NSGP Blog

  1. Contributors should write about things related to group, clinical practice, and their experiences as members of NSGP in a way that feels interesting and right to them.  
  2. Posts do not have to follow a specific structure.
  3. Posts do not have to be related to serious or scholarly content (but they definitely can be!).
  4. Keep it collegial.
  5. Keep it (reasonably) clean.
  6. Give credit where credit is due.
  7. Uphold confidentiality not only of your clients/patients but also of your colleagues.  

Now that we have a frame, we’d like to invite you to share.  There are endless possibilities of what to post --  ranging from research, to the experience of being a group leader, to people’s experiences on the board or on committees, to something silly and fun.  For example, here are some post ideas we came up with as a committee at our last meeting:

“Top 5 Movies About Group Therapy”

“A Day in the Life at the Registration Desk” by Joe DeAngelis

“Top 5 Marc Bolduc Conference Outfits”

“Conversations in a Hot Tub with Scott Reinhardt” (spoiler alert: this is related to his upcoming 2016 workshop title to be announced soon!)

If you’re ready to submit a post, please email Melissa Kelly at melissakellylicsw@gmail.com 

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