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Mark Fanger Approaches Another Topic We All Like To Avoid (And This Time It's Not Sex)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 8:42 AM | Melissa Kelly

Mark in his natural habitat

Mark Fanger in his natural habitat

Mark Fanger is known well for his work in the field of sex therapy, so he is well-versed in dealing with the "taboo", but today he is talking about the other taboo, death.  But it's actually not just death we need to be prepared for when thinking about our professional will.  Is our practice set up to handle the unexpected?  What about a sudden need for absence? Who is there to cover for us when we cannot be available? His workshop this year is titled "Your Professional Will: What you need to have in place when unexpected harm hits you -- and your patients, colleagues, family and friends".  Today he's going to tell us about the inspiration for the workshop, what participants will learn...and also maybe a little bit about golf.  Here is Mark:

I am excited to give this workshop for NSGP to help those in need wade into this scary but necessary terrain. 

This workshop will begin with an experiential/simulation exercise.  Like group therapy itself, it can not be explained in words but must be experienced to be appreciated.  This exercise  will be the springboard for all participants to create their own professional will.

Everyone will leave the workshop with a skeleton (if not more) of their professional will.  Everyone will learn the ethical, legal, emotional, and practical underpinnings of this crucial, misunderstood, scary, and essential concept. Often too overwhelming to address - never mind implement, this workshop will give you a good head start.  Bring your pad and pen, iPad, or computer along with your anxieties, hopes and Q&A”s.

This workshop is designed primarily for the solo practitioner, but anyone can learn and benefit from this learning opportunity.

My professional will has been implemented a few times.  This inspired me to do this workshop for MPA and AASECT-NE.  My team - many are NSGP members - were there for me and my family and my patients when they were needed.  They covered my practice, met with my patients and therapy groups, and supported me so that I could focus on getting well.  

I am no longer able to play many sports but I am unashamedly addicted to golf.  I no longer lose to Scott Rutan on the squash court because we no longer play, but we have great fun on the golf course.  I never beat Jerry Gans on clay or hard surface in tennis - not once, but he humbled himself just by playing on the same court.

To learn more about my work (not my golf), go to www.drmarkfanger.com.

Thanks Mark for sharing your inspiration for your workshop with us! 

Mark Fanger, Ed.D., CGP, CST has a private practice in Newton, MA. He joyfully served 10 years on the Conference Committee 5 years each as chair of the Program and Experience Group Committees.  He served several terms on the NSGP Board and has presented workshops on and off over many decades. Dr. Fanger is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist.  He specializes in male sexual difficulties, infidelity, and  sexual compulsivity (sometimes called addiction) in men and women.

To register for this workshop and all the other great offerings this year click here!

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