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Welcome! We hope our offerings will intrigue and interest you.

We invite you to join us next June 8, 9 & 10 for our Annual Summer Conference "You Are Not Alone: The Sustaining Power of Groups in Challenging Times"  (read more about our theme below) and to advance your own learning and craft by participating in our annual group-therapy teach-in.

What catches your eye? What engages with your mind, or your heart? Look over these offerings — we think you’ll find something meaningful.

Experience Groups and Special Interest Groups

If you have never learned by leading an experience group for a day, this is your chance. You will get to work with several of our leading lights in developing and doing your group.

Suzanne Cohen and Joyce Collier have been curating our annual Day of Experience for years, along with Marcia Vanicelli, Karen Wischmeyer, Deb Carmichael and Scott Reinhart.

Whether you choose to serve as a mentor, model and teacher in the training module for participants at a certain experience level, or you decide to work with the EG team to develop your own thematic Special Interest Group, you will have a great time, learn a ton, advance your career and create life-long relationships with other therapists.

And it’s free! No Charge!! A membership benefit of NSGP (and free to non-members as well). Below you will find a PREVIEW of what you will need to have in hand before completing the online RFP form, then you can click on the link to the RFP of your choice.

Click here for the preview document for the Experience Group RFP

Click here to complete a Proposal for the Experience Group

Click here for the preview document for the Special Interest Group RFP

Click here to complete a Proposal for the Special Interest Group


Our training Workshops bring theory into the embodied group so that people can learn to find and feel these abstract notions taking shape and motion in their bodies.

Workshops are intensives where people learn with their guts and stomach, their lights and livers, their heart and throat, their mind-in-brain.

Mary Barnes and Ann-Keren Neeman-Cantor are planning six workshops this year. They are particularly intent to help first-time leaders to get their work and liveliness into the mix. We hope this year to match new leaders with experienced partners, whether as guides for workshop development or with a plan to co-lead a workshop together.

Click here for the preview document for the Workshop RFP

Click here to complete a Proposal for a Workshop


This one is for you innovators, developers and visionaries, you risk-takers and thrill-seekers. Because we’re doing something new.

Circle is our Society’s new program to serve the therapeutic community of New England. A Circle group is not aimed to train group therapists — it is intended to use our collective wisdom and expertise to create and stage short (three hour) meetings that serve a defined audience.

A Circle group has a syllabus of readings and online videos, resources available ahead of time that can background and shape the members’ work. A Circle focuses on a specific professional or clinical context in order to energize each therapist’s growth and development.

Circle leaders will use their expertise in facilitation and validation to help members explore and share. A feeling for the group-as-a-whole and for unconscious group process will be important, but not necessarily a point for interpretation and intervention. A Circle promotes healthy and creative learning when members are able to find common words for their clinical experiences, and have exchanges that increase their capacity to tolerate the strains and wounds of clinical work.

A Circle lends itself to co-leadership and to partnerships between new leaders and experienced leaders. We will work with you to help connect with a good partner.

As a new kind of program, the development and presentation of Circles needs, and is getting, a thoughtful structure to help interested innovators get from concept to presentation. We plan to have working meetings through the Winter and Spring to help you with your Circle development.

In addition, we will promote your Circle to the specific audience you seek.

Click here to Register for the Conference Open house and to express your interest in Circle.

Take a thorough tour of our offerings. Follow each link for more information. You can easily return to the the Conference home page on the NSGP website to set off in another direction.

We hope you find here opportunities for sharing your experiences, developing your leadership skills, and learning that teaching and leading groups at NSGP is safe, fun, and perhaps a little habit-forming!!

Our Theme Illuminated

With this year's conference theme, "You Are Not Alone: The Sustaining Power of Groups in Challenging Times" we plan a gathering where therapists can safely connect, play, experience and learn about their own emotional, social and political engagements and defenses.

This conference is designed to help you reconnect with the values that first attracted you to this art and science, this strange and compellingly personal profession. And if you learn something about group life and group therapy along the way, all the better.

The conference is organized around an unusual experience called The Large Group. All attendees are invited to participate for a daily three-hour segment that includes active experience in a large group of 50 or more people, plus teaching and debriefing opportunities before and after.

The Large Group will open a well from which we can draw the spirits of our society, our culture and our times. The Large Group will provide the context for all the other experiences at this years’ conference.

A production of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy, the conference adapts and applies the wisdom from six decades' of Boston group therapy tradition in order to create a three-day playground and laboratory for everyone working to help the distressed, the disadvantaged and the difficult.  We look forward to you joining us!

Charles Glazier, LICSW and William Sharp, PsyaD, CGP
Conference Committee Chairs


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