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Learn About Psychedelic Assisted Therapy MA Ballot Question

  • Monday, May 20, 2024
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Zoom

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Are your clients and colleagues talking about psychedelics and you wish you knew more?

Do you have questions about which psychedelics are currently legal in Massachusetts?

Would you like to be more informed about the upcoming ballot question?

This November, Massachusetts voters will have the opportunity to vote to decriminalize and create a therapeutic framework for certain psychedelics through a proposed ballot question which would establish the first therapeutic psychedelic program on the East Coast.

Voters in Colorado (2022) and Oregon (2020) have approved statewide programs to allow adults to use natural psychedelics under the supervision of trained and licensed facilitators.

Please join us for a FREE virtual panel discussion on Monday, May 20, from 7-8 pm to learn more about the Massachusetts ballot question. Panelists will include a Navy veteran/psychedelic advocate, a legal advocate and a trained facilitator from Oregon.

Topics will include

  1. Oregon Real Time Update - More than 2,500 people, including veterans from around the country, have participated in the state's therapeutic psilocybin program since centers opened last summer, leaders on the ground will share what's been learned so far;
  2. Colorado Regulatory Process - With their program on track to open in 2025, regulators are drafting rules that build on Oregon's model and include tiered licensure for medical professionals, hear how this process can inform the Massachusetts effort;
  3. Federal Regulatory Update - Ongoing FDA clinical trials and "breakthrough status" for psychedelics show the national need for new mental health options;
  4. Massachusetts Ballot Question – Preparing to implement best practices and enable therapeutic access by 2026.

What: Virtual discussion of Massachusetts Ballot Question to bring Psychedelic Assisted Therapy to Massachusetts

Where: Zoom—link will be provided upon registration

Cost: Free

Sponsored by the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy.

Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy
P.O.Box 356 | Belmont, MA 02478

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