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2022 41st Annual Conference

SEX: Can we talk?

Exploring Sex, Gender, Power and Sexuality

No matter how much we work to repress it, sexuality is a variable in all aspects of identity & communication. Eroticism, sexuality, gender and other “taboo” topics can present intensely both in groups and outside of them. As group leaders, our job is to guide and translate these everyday human states in ways our clients can understand and use them constructively. This conference aims to create a space where 'all things sex' can be explored in an inclusive, understanding, and constructive environment while also safely testing boundaries and limits.

Dates are set for fully virtual sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 10-12th

Access to our conferences is one of our top priorities. The 2022 Conference will be held fully virtual via Zoom. This allows professionals from all over the country (and world!) to participate! 

NSGP also wants our conferences to be accessible to as wide a community as possible.  NSGP continues to offer an Equity Rate for individuals who identify as a member of one or more historically marginalized communities, whether it be race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.  Read more about the Equity Rate here.

NSGP also offers many Awards (previously called scholarships) to help defer costs. It is important to carefully follow instructions when applying for awards, or registering with an Equity Rate.



Conference Co-Chairs

Michael Mitchell, MA  mitchellhohler@gmail.com
Guy R. Croteau, LICSW CGP

Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy
P.O.Box 356 | Belmont, MA 02478

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